Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Create Clearprint with Omnipage

I create accessible documents from scans and files using Omnipage. I know- there are a million billion other ways to do this and other OCR packages. I use omnipage, i CAN use finereader, i HAVE used dolphin, my dodgy copy of the adobe creative suite has seen much use and i have canvassed the web and am familiar with all the free tools etc, but i like omnipage. I like to use it, i like to teach it.

I have developed an instructional video featuring my dulcet tones as well as a little booklet. I use it to BUILD CAPACITY (new buzzword) and EMPOWER (old buzzword) other teachers and support staff with the ability to create accessible documents. So teachers, stop giving students inaccessible images of PDF'S- Learn how to create better documents today! 

Use my module, share it, tell me about it and give me comments and suggestions.

Below is my instructional video replete with massive budget and sexy voice acting and here is my Training Module documentation, use for good, not evil.

Yay Omnipage!

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