Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Soulver- a great math app for students who can't show their working!

Price: $2.49
Itunes Link:

Soulver is the love child of a word processor and a calculator. It allows our students to input calculations which it lists in an accessible and exportable format. Many blind and dyslexic students find paper a difficult medium for recording and breaking down their thoughts. Soulver is a natural tool for these kids as has calculator functions but breaks down the math students are doing in their heads and represents it as a clear list on paper- ready to be printed or emailed to the teacher for assessment and marking. 

Click me for a video that's more impressive then this screenshot!

Oh and Soulver is completely compatible with VoiceOver so the math can be translated into audio or even braille- and if you want a multisensory learning experience with audio and visual queues- you got it by enabling speak selection! 


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