Saturday, 18 October 2014

Vision Australia Library now serving all print disabilities- including dyslexia!

Vision Australia Library now serving all print disabilities- including dyslexia!

Vision Australia. Blindness and low vision services - logo    ............ Now open to all print disabilities! 
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What is the Vision Australia Library?   

Vision Australia's library is features an ever-growing collection of over 40,000 accessible titles and 350 daily newspaper archives for Australians with a print disability.

About the Vision Australia library
Who can join and borrow from Vision Australia's library?   
Anyone with a print disability- including dysgraphia or dyslexia can now join Vision Australia's library and take advantage of their services, Special Education coordinators can refer their students to the library and assist with the application process.
What is a print disability?
Can school's borrow and manage borrowed books on student's behalf?
Yes, as long as a consent form is filled out by parents the school library can manage the students books and be act as a delivery and book management source for the student- making it much easier to get an accessible copy of a school novel or other resources from the library. 
Link to Vision Australia's library information page
How do our students join the library?
The link to the right will take you to the appropriate online forms to fill out. Special Needs teachers are able to fill out and submit these on students behalf and act as referrer. 
Vision Australia Membership form

What formats of books are available for students?   
Ebooks, Audiobooks, Daisy Books, Large Print and Braille.
Collection Guidelines (Word, 164KB)
Is there an online catalogue that i can search to locate accessible books?
search the Catalogue as a guest

Any further questions can be answered by calling the Vision Australia library staff on 1300 84 74 66

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