Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Hi There and welcome to my blog. This is blog aims to be a personal blog in which i discuss my profession and share resources with people who are also associated with my field, i'll be featuring resources and various learnings i acquire through my career with perhaps an occasional names-withheld rant every now and then.

My name is Stephen Cordwell and i'm currently an itinerant teacher in vision and an adaptive technology specialist working in Catholic Schools in Sydney. Whilst Vision is my bread and butter, my passion lies with access of any kind and especially with print disability.  I love the idea that there are many ways to teach concepts to people, i enjoy honing my craft and deploying a range of strategies and skills and resources that i collect from peers and research to better effect learning.  I hope to attract an interested reader or two and i will post items of interest to my profession that i develop or come across. It will be wonderful to network with other teachers in the field and share resources and skills.

Edit: Due to a workplace restructure I am currently seeking other employment opportunities in the field of assistive technology and/or teaching. I'd appreciate any advice or ... jobs, money, icecream, condolences, anything. That would be great!

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