Friday, 31 October 2014

My ABBYY Finereader Tutorial

My ABBYY Finereader Tutorial

Hi there. I enjoy using Omnipage to create clearprint for my students with special needs because of the power and customisation of the software. However i have found that ABBYY finereader offers my colleagues a more user friendly process and tends to get the results we need faster. So, i've developed a training module and procedure for Finereader that I hope assists you in creating clearprint for your students.

Edit: At this moment the sound on my video is poorly encoded- you'll need to turn your speakers up and then twice my system sound will beep and it will annoy you. I"m sorry. I'm reincoding and will upload a better version. If you want to motivate me to do this faster make a post!

Module Document is here 
Video is here

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