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iPad accessibility for Students with Vision Impairment

Vision - iPad accessibility for Students with Vision Impairments

  Skill  How to


Turn zoom on by going to Settings the General  then scroll down to Accessibility and selectingZoom and turning it on

Bind zoom to triple push home, additionally in accessibility there is an option called "triple click Home"- to turn zoom on and off easily in the future set triple click home for Zoom and invert colours if your student benefits from inverted colours. 

Triple click zoom/inverted colours for on/off

Using ZOOM    

Once zoom is enabled the technique to turn on zoom is a Three finger double tap.

Three finger double tap hold- fingers up and fingers down to zoom in and out.

Three finger double tap to zoom out and again to return to zoom level.

  Skill  How to


Turn Voiceover on 
by going to Settings, Goto General, Goto Accessibility and turn Voiceover on. Additionally you may want to go the the 'Triple click home' button in accessibility and select voiceover for easy of access. 

If your student benefits from zoom sometimes and voiceover other times, bind ASK to triple click home. 

Triple click home for voiceover on and off.
This will also sync any braille display you've set up. 

Navigating items using Voiceover

With Voiceover on, practice these gestures:

Swipe left and right with one finger to navigate menu items.

Touch any button to hear what it says.

Observe little box that shows voiceover cursor.

Double tap any item to open or interact with that item.

Three finger swipe left or right to change page left or right.


With voiceover on, a two finger rotation enables rotor which is an invisible dial with options for Blind users.

Use Rotor to adjust;
  • speech rate
  • navigation options eg webpages
One finger swipe up and down to turn options on rotor on and off.

Reading books with voiceover

Using books with voiceover is a great way to learn your reading keys.

Two fingers down- read all

Three fingers left and right for turning pages

Touch any text to hear it.

  Entering text 

   Touch-typing and standard typing mode

   Move insertion point with one finger up or down.

   Spacebar for speak auto text or keep typing to ignore
  Screen Curtain mode
   Double two finger tap to turn screen on and off

  Using Voiceover for system elements and other    
   Touching top of iPad to hear time, battery, notifications.

   Voiceover is compatible with lots of apps- lets show off!

  Tips and Tricks for Voiceover  How to

  Typing Feedback

   When training a student or young child you can set the 'verbosity' of voiceover in 'accessibility'  so it
   repeats each character typed as they are typed and tells you the word you have just typed- you can
   also reduce the verbosity settings as you become more advanced.

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