Saturday, 18 October 2014

What is a Print Disability?

What is a Print Disability?

A print disability is a physically-based disability that makes it very difficult or impossible to read standard print, such as blindness or low vision, a physical disability in which an individual cannot hold a book or turn the pages of a book, or a severe learning disability that affects reading, like severe dyslexia.

People with print disabilities can benefit from a number of features when reading text

1) Digital text that can be manipulated  and accessed by software as text
2) Larger print
3) The ability to listen to or dictate text, or have text translated into other mediums such as braille.
4) The ability to change the colour or brightness of text, or its background, change font types and letter and word spacing,
5) The addition of lines under text to assist the eye in following the line of text.
6) The ability to highlight text as it is read to you

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